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Cold Weather Camo Gear


Active Member
I ordered some new cold weather gear so selling off some stuff. I need to figure out prices and take some pics but thought i would post it up right away in case anybody is looking. I am located in SE Iowa and would be easiest to meet up in person but we can discuss shipping if needed. Message me if interested.

Cabelas MTO50 Goretex Whitetail Extreme parka and pants. Size large. These are super warm and waterproof and are in excellent condition. Very quiet fabric as well.

Arctic Shield super warm parka, it has shoulder straps so you can carry it in on your back and put on at your stand or blind. This has only been worn a few times and excellent condition. Size Large

Badlands Venture jacket size XL. I bought this new last year about this time and have only worn it a few times so it is in like new condition.


Active Member
Hello all, putting away hunting gear and got some pics of everything. I can take more pics if you need.
Cabelas MTO50 goretex whitetail extreme is $300/piece new at cabelas ($600 total) I will do $250 for the set.
Arctic Shield Oryx is $150 at Scheels I will do $75
Badlands Venture is $240 at Badlands, I will do $120

Everything is is excellent condition. Price are in person, I can ship but we would need to look at shipping costs.


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