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confused about the NR draw


New Member
I know thier has been alot of NR bashing lately so please be gentle.I currently have 2 preference points to hunt your great state. I hope to come out in 2012. Today I was on the IDNR website looking at some draw results from 2010. I punched in the random name of Smith and saw some people with zero points draw in zones where other people with 3 points were denied,both were bow applicants. Is this normal? I would hate to make plans to go out and hunt and find out I didn't draw.

also, I have a friend from the Marines in Grinnell, Iowa, he said he should be able to get me on some land to hunt. Is this a good area of your state? (granted it will be much better than the hunting here in Maine, but how does it measure to the southern parts of the state)


Active Member
Welcome to the site!! I believe what you are seeing is the total preference points after the draw. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. For instance, lets say you had 3 points and got drawn. When it shows the results it will say SMITH drawn 0 preference points which would be remaining.

I know that guys used to be able to check their draw results a day early by checking their preference points. If they went up one point, they didnt draw. If they went to 0 points, they drew.

I know nothing about the grinnel area unfortunately. No matter where you go, you will have a blast!!


Active Member
Yep he is right. However, if you saw people with three points that means that didnt draw with two points. I gotta believe your odds are still pretty good though with 2. Never spent alot of time in that area but I have seen some big deer off the interstate when passing through.


Iowa Boy At Heart
Based on my experiences with both preference points and bonus points, I would agree with Liv's summation. In a preference point system, the highest # of points get drawn first so there is no way someone with 0 points could get drawn ahead of someone with 3 preference points. In a bonus point system (like AZ), someone with a low number of bonus points (extra #s in the random # generator for the lottery) can easily get drawn over someone with high bonus points.

As far as I remember, there are some decent deer in the Grinnel area. Good luck!
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