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Corn or Soybeans?


Active Member
As I posted in another thread I am going to be putting native grasses in on my farm. We are planning on planting roundup ready beans or corn in the areas the native grass is going next spring to make it easier to drill the native grass into the ground. My question is would it be better to plant beans or corn. I'm thinking the beans would be easier to drill the grasses into than the corn. Am I on the right track?
Thanks for your help.


Active Member
I just read timperpigs post on "Field prep for NWSG" I think I'll go with the beans but pharmers post about the weeds kind of concerns me? [ QUOTE ]
I forgot to mention- maybe it is just an old wive's tale but more than one person has said you will have less weed competition following corn or CRP grass than when you follow beans because of nitrogen use by corn/grass. The other thing is the less you till, the less weed seed you stir up. I'm sure there isn't a "right" way to do it, once upon a time they just fell off the plant and did much better before we settled the state.

[/ QUOTE ] but if I use round up ready beans I should be able to zap the weeds a couple of times while the beans are still in the growth stage and will be drilling into basically bare dirt. Right?


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If I had my choice I would definately dill into beans. There is alot less trash in a bean field, basicly a smooth seed bed. The corn trash will help somewhat with erosion but my feeling is that you will get a more consistant drill and planting going into a nice smooth bean field.
I have decided to have my renter disc the rough/eroded areas of the corn field ASAP this spring so it can settle before the native planting. I'll round-up the whole thing either right before or right after planting to hopefully help fight the weeds and grass that germinate from the discing. Pharmer is definately right that the less you till the less weeds that germinate.
I'm no expert by any means and am hoping for the best. Let us know how you do it and how it works out.


Active Member
Timberpig, I dont plan on even discing mine so hopefully that will help. I plan on taking pics through out the process. So I'm sure I'll submit some on here. Thanks for the info. Good Luck with yours keep us posted on how it comes along.


Drilling native grasses into a weed-free, smooth bean stubble is the best way....hands down.

Big Timber

Like the rest of the guys said, BEANS.

I drilled into brome this year and the stand is unreal. I wouldn't worry about the weeds, drill the beans and throw some N back into the ground.

Good Luck!

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