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Marty Edwards

New Member
I am required to plant several acres of my CP38E CRP into Early Successional Habitat. Cowpeas are one of the options. I've got about 24 acres, broken up into several different fields. I've identified roughly 15 acres I think would be well suited for cowpeas. I know from the reading i've done they are high in protein and highly preferred in their green state. Has anyone planted them? I understand the first hard frost will kill them & they will dry down. I can't find much, really any, information about how deer utilize them after they die & dry down. Will the deer eat the peas (beans) pods after they've dried down? are the peas/beans a preferred food source?

Thanks for any replies!


Well-Known Member
I love to use them but not in this volume. Not to say I wouldn't if I could. I use them as a plow down summer food source and they will get browsed pretty heavy. They are meant to be more of a forage planting. I dont see them being of high value as far as the seed pods go but that many acres would be interesting to see the result.

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Staff member
Agree. You could try but I’d probably plan on them getting pounded or being gone later on (convert to something else).
they are crazy drought tolerant and deer will hammer them.
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