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Coyote problem


Well-Known Member
Nailed it here - really the only benefit to killing them is the timing of when you're doing it. Best done during fawning/nesting seasons. Or if you've got some ruining a food plot you like to deer hunt. Honestly, you'll never put a dent in the population long term. I've long given up on that. Killed over 150 off our place since 2012 and I got out at night and still see tons. They're part of mother nature. They're a blast to shoot though!
So here’s the things I know. You’ll never eliminate them. Heck I know a guy who trapped around 40 in one field, all foothold catches, 60 acre piece of ag with one small creek running through it. There’s always more than one thinks. This being said usually there’s a territorial pair for a certain area where it’s considered their home range and they chase other coyotes off. Then you have the transients that only show up for a little bit. Why they are traveling. Only way they are going to become a territorial dog is if the win in a challenge or the previous territorial pair die. So then when you take out a territorial pair you open the door for the transients to try to claim it as there own. The other thing is population stress really affects the litter size of a female. So less coyotes in the area the bigger the litter. You’ll never catch up. Especially by hunting them. You’ll do a little better by trapping but still no where close as new will move in and the females will have bigger litters. If you are trying to help wildlife such as pheasants and deer the best time to hunt coyotes is during fawning and nesting seasons because not only will you be killing yotes you’ll also be bumping them out more often.

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