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Coyote rifle?


Active Member
So I'd like to purchase a new or used coyote rifle just not sure what I should be looking at as far as caliber and scope. Mid to high end quality/price recommendations would be appreciated.


Well-Known Member
A lot of good calibers out there for yotes. My favorites are 243 and 22-250 but use 243 the most. You will get a few different opinions and this is just my personal preference. Depending on what type of hunting you are doing an ar platform may suit you better. I gave up the ar a few years ago because it feels like cheating :). Dropped the one in my avatar this weekend with the 22 mag for a little extra challenge. Most of my yote guns have a 3x9x50 bushnell banner on top of them and that's not just a coincidence.


First step is deciding if your looking for a "fur friendly" caliber or a multipurpose caliber.
Tons of different options out there with .223 and 22-250 being the most popular.
I would personally look really hard at a .243 great caliber and could double as a deer/ antelope gun if you planned to travel.
My personal go to coyote gun is a .25-06 driving a 115 grain combined technologies ballistic tip, if you hit bone its going to make a mess on the exit but a lung shot the exit is usually smaller than a 50 cent piece.
Some of your high fragmenting .22 caliber bullets will cause the same damage but the .25-06 anchors them on the spot


I have a Winchester model 70 Ranger in 223 that is my daily carry topped with a Gold Ring Leupold 3x9x50. With good hand loads it is a fast flat shooting gun with plenty of range. Lots of options out there. What type of country and shot selection need to be considered also. A friend and I do lots of predator calling together and he shots a Beneli shotgun. He kills just as many or more than I do every year. If money is not an object get couple of different guns and try various setups. Can't ever have too many guns. Hope you find what fits you.

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Mr. Deeds

I only use my Mini-14 or Mini-30. If I had to choose one gun to live with the rest of my life, one of those would be it. Super durable, little to no maintenance required, and the new ones are much more accurate then the early ones they came out with. Equip one with a nice scope and a 10-30 round clip. You've got a hell of a gun for under $1000


PMA Member
Got this one with my Rock River .223 at 250yds yesterday morning. Didn't take a step after the shot. Scheels 6-14x44 on it.

4 Buck

Active Member
204, 220, 223, 22-250, 243, 25-06

Pick one of them in either a bolt or ar platform and go blast something.


Active Member
Thank you, plenty to think about that's for sure. I like the idea of the 243 as a combination type rifle.


One great thing about .243 or any 6mm bullet for that matter is that they are great on animals. But also very easy on recoil for ladies and kids to step up and shoot a little bigger centerfire rifle without developing a flinch or fear of recoil.

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