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Coyotes and Bobcats


New Member
i haveve never seen a bobcat near my area in many years. Lots of coyotes in the past but me and a few friends have put a BIG dent in them over the last 4 years. I have been seeing several nice bucks and does with young ones with them. Have one young one with spots still on it, as it was born in late August or thereabouts. I am going to see if I can wait out for one of the big boys after we get a good frost. It is always fun and peaceful when in the timber hunting, even in the wind an cold.


New Member
Went out early this morning. Time for me and my friends to do more damage to the coyotes, as I saw 7 of them while in my deer stand . They have killed off most all the small ground animals and birds. Never used to have coyotes while I was younger, but in the last 2 years they have killed almost all of the small animals in the northern part of Illinois.
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