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* Crimson Arrows*-New Book Available

Crimson Arrows

Well-Known Member
I hope guys you are doing well and enjoying the fall. I haven't posted on Iowawhitetail for some time-seems since we had our second child...ha ha :) Since I've been doing more bottles than bowhunting over the last couple of years-I started writing more and reflecting. Kids will do that I suppose.

When I finished writing-I decided to try and publish my work last year and after a long process--it recently became available on Amazon:)

The book is entitled: "Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey," and encompasses 25 years of adventures and lessons learned: from Florida to the Arctic Circle and Alaska to Africa.

The inspirations for this book were my two boys, Zane and Colton, as I wanted them to one day understand my passions and what drove me into the fields and forests. My hope is that after reading this book, readers are inspired to chase their dreams and pursue adventures of their own—no matter the endeavor.

"Crimson Arrows" is as much about chasing dreams as it is bowhunting.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy or have friends or family that are interested in outdoor adventures-I'll include a link below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this thread or via PM.

I was sent two extra paperbacks and can send them free of charge to the first two PM's I get.

There are hardbound and paperback options, along with Kindle options available at Amazon.

I'll try to copy some of the Testimonials for the book on the next post.

I sincerely appreciate you reading this email and thanks for your time and support:)

Now off to daycare!!! LOL

Take care,

Eyad Yehyawi

Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075R87G76/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_31H2zbNXCDJBT


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Crimson Arrows

Well-Known Member

As editor for Bowhunter magazine, I read thousands of manuscripts, and above all I loved discovering a nugget among the dozens of new writers who submitted manuscripts. Eyad Yehyawi was one of those. From the beginning, he wrote well and exuded enthusiasm for bowhunting.

In his book, Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey, Yehyawi details his beginnings and growth as a bowhunter. He starts with whitetails and turkeys in his home state of Iowa and progresses to black bears, pronghorns, mule deer, elk, caribou, musk oxen, bison, and other species. All hunters can relate to his progression as a bowhunter and will find his stories compelling and fun to read.

-Dwight Schuh Former Editor, Bowhunter magazine and Member of the Bowhunters Hall of Fame

As a magazine editor, I appreciate quality writing skills and Eyad’s “got game” when it comes to expressing himself with the written word. His writing serves as a clear window into the mindset of a bowhunter who treasures every exhilarating aspect of the pursuit of big game with a bow and arrow, right down to the smallest detail. Whether you’re looking for escape, adventure, or simply a richer understanding of what we do and why, Crimson Arrows is definitely worth your time.

-Curt Wells, Editor, Bowhunter magazine

Eyad 'killed' it in this very personal, and very thoughtfully written book that every bowhunter should own. He describes 'perfectly' the essence of bowhunting through a series of hunting experiences and some close calls. I loved this book!

- Pat Lefemine, Founder, Bowsite.com

Men have been telling hunting stories ever since we lived in caves. I thoroughly enjoyed this new book, full of one person’s love of adventure with a bow and arrow in hand. It proved to be very entertaining reading! I felt like I was right there with the author. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

-Gene Wensel, Brothers of the Bow

Crimson Arrows represents the spirit of bowhunting. By reading this book, you'll value where desire can take a person, and what it can help to accomplish. It's in this you'll glean the real beauty of what this book represents and means. It was meant to take you to one place, right into the heart of a bowhunter.

-Joe Bell, Author of Technical Bowhunting and former Editor, Bow & Arrow Hunting Magazine


PMA Member
Bumping this old thread up. I finally found some free time to dive into this book and it was a hard one to put down. Excellent tales and adventures that didn't only highlight the great times, but also included the trials and tribulations of a bowhunter. Highly recommend this book to anyone!


PMA Member
Guess I missed the original post or I probably would be about done reading it by now. Sounds like a great book that touches those who are archery enthusiast like all of us. I will be definitely be ordering a copy tomorrow!

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