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Custom Knives For Sale


Active Member
Shameless plug but I couldn't get the classifieds to work.:confused:
I have a couple custom made knives for sale.
First is a "Trap Spring" knife. 3 inch blade and sharp!!! 50.00 plus shipping.

Second is a small all around knife made from an antique buzz saw blade. Not a Sunday go to meeting knife, but a good all around tough knife. File work on spine. 3 inch blade and comes with leather sheath. 75.00 plus shipping.
I actually gave this knife to a non profit group for an auction and bought tickets for it myself. Amazingly, I won it back.



Active Member
That was fast....Trap Spring knife is sold pending funds. If you would like one, I can build a similar one for the same price.:way:


Life Member
Also, do you use a makers mark? No not the bourbon, the mark of the crafstman who made the item.

The 'Bonker


I like them both, how easy are they to sharpen and how well do they hold edges? Do you have any bone handled knives perchance?


Active Member
Muddy, I don't know about the trap spring one, It's the only one I've built like it and I never used that one. From the way it hardended and tempered up, I feel it will perform well.
The other ones steel I know sharpens easily and holds well as I use one just like it. I know from your previous posts that you have problems sharpening blades so I make no promises to you.:D:DBut they do come shipped sharp!

I am tooling up to make some other styles with antler or bone handles. They will be based off traditional 18th century designs and should be awesome!
I'm now doing this and other traditional stuff full time so all ideas are welcome.
PM me if you need or have special requests.


PM sent.

It's not that I don't know how to sharpen, it's that I don't have the spare time to sharpen!
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