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Dates you Kill your deer


New Member
I was just going to make a list to see when most of the deer were shot with bows and maybe it would help on which days to go out after a few years of data thanks for your help


Oct 1 on 3 mature bucks and the rest between Nov 2-13 which coincides with my vacation BTW.


IowaWhitetail Addict
Oct. 30 - Nov 15. has to be some of the most active deer periods through out the year.


PS. Most of my kills come the first week in Nov. Bucks and Does.


Well-Known Member
I have learned, you cant shoot a deer from your couch. And in different areas, the deer are different. It may give you a good idea, but every place is different, and the best thing to do is just get out there..just my 2 cents


you cant shoot a deer from your couch

[/ QUOTE ]
You CAN shoot a deer from your couch, but it's really hard to get it in the tree!
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