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Dead raccoons


Active Member
Did some shed hunting this weekend, and found 4 dead raccoons around the trunks of den trees... Anyone know why this might be? Disease? Fighting?


PMA Member
Hard to say, I have some that are under one of my sheds. A couple weeks ago there must have been a vicious fight beside the shed, coon hair and blood all over the snow. Had one dead under the shed last year, possibly from a territorial fight? They are mating and get nasty with intruders. I assume the ones you found where at different dens?


Active Member
Yes, 3 different den trees. 2 dead at 1 tree and the other 2 had 1 dead at each one.

I got within about 5' of them, didn't see any blood, or hair, or any sign of wounds. Thinking now it must be disease.


PMA Member
Probably disease. Pretty common especially with the low fur prices and less getting taken out. All coming out of their dens after a long winter and then dying


Staff member
I’d rather find em dead than alive. Like to see the alive ones be dead quickly ;). We have major coon over population!!!! Crop damage & nesting damage big time!!!!
I know there’s one big coon disease. Distemper maybe? I forget. Maybe? Disease i cause them is lead poisoning.
I like a few coons but not hundreds.
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