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Dead Turkeys



Some friends of mine that were shed hunting found two dead turkeys. Has anyone else seen dead birds. I know they are hardy birds, but was the winter hard enough to effect the flock? What do you think.


Hey Bill how you doing? Heading to the hills later today, will talk to Tom and see what he is thinking about the winter kill. Do you come over and bird hunt too? If so maybe we could finally get together, Fall is always so hectic.

Anyway thanks for checking in!



at archery league last night someone said they'd been out shed hunting yesterday and found two dead gobblers.


New Member
A few weeks ago when I went up to Elgin,I stopped in an archery range by Edgewood. They told me they were finding dead turkeys around there. The ice storm kept the turkeys from finding food.


The guy dating my sister in-law said the same thing. Found six dead turkeys and threee dead deer while hunting for sheds.


New Member
I myself have found 12 dead turkeys.I have talked to guys that in all accumulate 24 dead turkeys here around Strawberry Point and Elkader. It was a very hard winter and the deer didnt make out much better around here.Its too bad.


Just got off the phone with Willie and he hadn't heard of any dead turkeys but he has had several deer reports especially up in Northern Iowa.

So anyway I passed on everyone's findings and he is going to check into those areas.

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