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Finally did it, only took most of the season... again. Been trying to get a buddy a bird and have managed to put 11 birds in within 30 yards. I think they all have some sort of forcefield because the arrows sure havnt hit where theyre supposed to.

Anyway, after work today I hustled to the timber for some "Runnin n bowin" as someone so eloquently put it one time. I heard this bird in a field that has a ridge and got set up on him. After 45 minutes of calling he was hung up at 80 yards, wouldnt come no closer. I let him wander off and took the blind down, hustled around a point and set up again, got him coming but on the other side of the ridge yet again. I watched him pop the ridge gobbling his fool head off so after he went out of sight I moved straight at him about 60 yards and set up for the 3rd, and final time. I clucked and purred and he came on in. 6 yard shot with the NEW Bowtech Tribute pushing the same arrow and Gobbler Guillotine from last spring. His head did 3 flips before it hit the ground. First shot at wild game with the new bow as well, made for a great night!

If youre wondering why I am in shorts its because I didnt have time to run home for my camo. Grabbed the black fleece, hat, bow, and blind. Had to travel light!

Anyway, he was about 21 pounds, 9-10 inch beard and inch spurs. Not my biggest, but definately one of my most hard earned.




Life Member
Nice Shoot'n Mud!!!

You need to get Chris to order you some black Iowawhitetail shorts and your outfit will be complete!


Congrats again!

Knowing where you were, I'd suggest you wash those legs really good tonight: tons of poison ivy around there!


Life Member
His head did 3 flips before it hit the ground.

[/ QUOTE ]

Congrats muddy!


Life Member
You should e-mail a picture to PETA and educate them about "Clean Kills"!

Bet that thing flopped like a chicken on the chopping block.....


Super Moderator
Figures, I decide not to go and film and you end up ripping the head clean off one. That is freakin awesome, sorry I couldn't be there to film it but I am glad all the hard work paid off, you deserved it. Congrats bud

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