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PMA Member
I have had a flambeau buck decoy for a couple years now and finally tried it out this year. Has worked well(2x out) and has gotten bucks attention in a open setting and brought almost all of them in for good shots(only had one basket spook). Was going to ask opinions on decoy use moving forward as rut progresses. Does it help to have both a buck\doe setup? Just doe? any experience or opinions?


I like just a doe. That's what the bucks are looking for right? 1 decoy is enough to carry in anyway. Ps. My decoy got bumped and knocked down twice today. Its taking a beating.


Aim small miss small.
depends on your approach. Are you looking to pick a fight with any bucks or catch them seeking and tempt him with a hook up? I have hunted over each and no matter what you choose, they work well. I personally like hunting over over a buck decoy. Ole scar-face has had some pretty close encounters this year, and im hoping for a few more with one of them being a shooter lol

one thing i havent done and would like to do, is hunt over a buck and a bedded doe. A buddy of mine does it quite often and says thats the ticket. maybe next year
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I was wondering of over the next week or ten days the buck guarding a bedded doe would be the "ticket" to bringing in an old bruiser. I really like the ability of a decoy(s) to bring in both aggressive or sneaky bucks from what I Have seen so far. Hate having to pack them all around but with a ranger and laying in place the evening prior or when moving sets at midday will just add 5-10 minutes for setup once to stand. Thanks


Active Member
They are pricey. Don't see bedded does anymore. They just want you to take the legs off your normal decoy.


I am looking at getting a decoy for next year. Any thoughts on either buck or doe? Also, Is there anything wrong with leaving it in the field hidden somewhere?


Who makes a bedded doe decoy? Trying to find one to add to the Boss buck.

I have several of the Flambeau decoys. 2 alert does and a feeding doe. I'll use the one decoy as a broken antlered 140" buck, facing me and the feeding doe facing away from me. You can make a good bedded doe with the Flambeau alert doe decoy by not using the legs, just prop here down on the ground and I'll put small stakes on both sides of her incase the winds kickup. I also use tailwaggers on all my standing decoys. Gives them alittle more life.

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