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Deer Farm Giant


Well-Known Member
I'm not a big fan of deer farms, but I'm always amazed at the size of deer they can raise. Check out this beast.



Life Member
That thing is a pig! I also like the Buck Grub 30/30 deer that is on the front of the bag. I am not a fan of deer farms either.


.....yeah...... it's pretty nice... if you're into that "big antlered deer" sorta thing.

That thing is a monster.



He's definitely a hog, but nothing to get excited about as he is just another bull in the cattle herd and is a product of selective breeding and careful feeding. I wonder what he would fetch on eBay?

I have much more awe for the wild bucks, as they are the true warriors. Heavy Duty would kick his pampered arse!


Those pictures are copy and pasted from another creature.....FAKE.Take a careful look at the picture from the front and then from the back.The antlers on the front view are back behind the ears and the view from the rear the antlers are in front of the ears.
You guys are way too easy to fool


Active Member
CSC Archer,
This is a legit buck, I have a number of friends in the "Monster Deer" Business....one in Wisconsin has 4 bucks that would score over 300". All of his breeder bucks are as big as the one in this photo.


Active Member
As far as the antlers being behind the ears in the first picture, I can assure you the ear butts of any deer are lower and behind the antler pedicle. The deer does however have the ability at full alert, to rotate the cup of the ear infront of the beam. That is what this particular deer is doing.


New Member
I would be shaking too bad to even draw on something like that

[/ QUOTE ]

NO DOUBT! Can't even begin to imagine seeing that thing in the deer woods!
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