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Deer movement update thread


New Member
SC IA. I have seen 10 bucks so far this morning. Only one mature deer. Last two mornings have been decent. Before that movement was almost none. Evenings have been terrible for movement where I am. Good luck to you guys.


New Member
Had a 3.5 Y.O 8 cruise through at first light. One other dink buck. I've seen 2 pairs of fawns without mom anywhere to be seen.


PMA Member
Nov 5 morning had 9 doe before 8 am at 11 a dink came by. The afternoon hunt I lost count of does after 25 that came into the field. There were 8 bucks that came into the field. Small bucks ,3 1/2 year old and very mature bucks. They were more interested in eating the fresh cut corn then the does. The rutting action should be kicking in this week.


PMA Member
Yesterday morning I saw 3 or 4 bucks and a bunch of does. Bucks were fairly actively chasing the does around, nothing terribly serious. I did see a bobcat! My first ever.

Yesterday afternoon I saw 3 bucks and probably 7 or 8 does. One young buck started chasing does as soon as he figured out they were does. Two other bucks are cool 2.5 years olds that should be sweet in a couple years! Both of them gave me 20 yard shot opportunities, just need one of the big boys to do the same... End of the hunt had two coyotes skirt me at about 80 yards. I need to start taking a rifle, that's 3 hunts in a row now I could have shot at a coyote if I had a gun!


PMA Member
Had a forkie cruise through at sunrise, a mature big framed 8 with his nose to the ground following a doe at 7:45 (called him into 40 yds but had no shot), & a 3.5 yo came through at 8:40. Have seen 1 lost little fawn that was wondering where mom was.


On a 20ft High
So far this morning I've seen 2 does and 7 bucks 4 of which were 3.5ers one may have been a 4.5 y.o. 8 with split brow in the low 140s. Both does were being chased hard all over.


1 2.5 y/o 7 point all I saw. Near settled on him since my time off will be super limited. Decided too late and he busted me on the draw haha. Been dead 3 days now. Warren County


I posted early yesterday it was slow in the morning, but I have seen 3 shooters from the stand either chasing does or each other after 10am the last two mornings - and a few mature bucks cruising between 11-1 in the creek behind my house.

Bone Slayer

Yesterday AM had a mature buck come through searching, and then had a doe following a small buck like nothing was going on.
Yesterday PM had two does together come by at 2:00 and then a spike come through at 3:00

This morning I just caught a glimpse of a buck from a distance but he looked pretty good and he was hot on a does tail. Then had a small buck just wandering.


Had a booner cruising hard right at noon. Was headed right to me but decided to take a left instead. Would not respond to calls. Hopefully he circles back later.


PMA Member
Out this morning. Bumped one doe on way to stand. That was it. Dead. Heading back out for the afternoon. Hope to see something.


New Member
Had one walking across the field as I was walking in. Could not tell what it was. Pulled the card on the camera. Still getting plenty of pics at night. Nothing of any real quality worth bragging about but good numbers. Just not seeing them during the day. No rut activity of any kind. Wright county


PMA Member
SE Iowa. Sat on a food plot Saturday AM & PM. Usually see 10 - 20 a sit. Only saw 1 doe (in the timber) and a couple forkies sent check the field both sits. Moved into the timber this morning (11/6). Saw 2 does, 3 fawns, and 4 year and a half old bucks. Rattled in three of them and two of them got into brawl 10 yards from my tree. As good as any mature deer fight I have ever seen. So a neat and fairly productive sit. Tonight I sit a different property by my house and get a shot on a nice buck and take a big doe. Hopefully find the buck in the AM. The long version of the story is on the Harvest forum. ("Maybe a Double" post.)


New Member
Slow going in Appanoose Co this weekend, 21 hours on stand, (1) 5 year old (1) 3 year old and a mix of 1-2 year olds, all showed little to no interest in the does. The 5 y/o did posture and display some dominance running off the 3 y/o but things didn't get too heated. Doe groups are starting to break up. Saw a handful of single does wandering the timber alone today. Looking forward to this cooler weather on the way..

12th-16th was hot for my area last year.

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