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Deer Rooms


Hey guys,

I recently purchased a new house and will have much more room to hang my deer mounts. I have a room in the basement off of the main living area that I am going to designate to the deer room. I have 9 ft ceilings in my basement which should work okay. Instead of regular finished drywall i'm considering doing some sort of barn wood or cedar or something to give it a little more of a rustic look. Does anybody have pictures of their deer rooms or any neat things they have done? lets see the man caves. Thanks

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My man cave!

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I did a pallet wood wall on one side of my trophy room. I prefer wood cuz you can hang your mounts anywhere. The rest of my trophy room is a work in progress, so it's just a big mess right now. Need more time to build furniture and use up the barn board I have sitting around.

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^^^ you guys can start working on mine anytime you’d like..... I’ll supply the food :)


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It would've taken days with a brush/roller but my patience would've given out long before I could finish. A $100 wagner paint sprayer and I was done in a couple hours. Keep in mind the basement was completely unfinished when I started so I was able to pretty much able to go full tilt and not worry about any overspray.

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Nice rooms guys.

Does that multi-colored pallet wood come that way or is it stained?
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