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Difference in Carbon arrows??


Well-Known Member
I have been looking to dumping my old alums and getting some new carbon arrows but I started looking at the local pro shop and there are TONS of different one! Beman Black Max, Beman ICS Hunters, Easton Axis ST, Gold Tips, Carbon Express CX, Carbon Express Maximas, etc.... They range all over the board in price too so I wondered what the heck is the difference from one carbon arrow to the other, I know some are closer on there margin of error as far as grain and spine but that can't cause that big of a price difference.

Thanks, Jordan

Stump Shooter

New Member
Your main differences are going to be..as you stated..arrow straightness and also total weight of the arrow. If I remember correctly, an A/C/C is going to be heavier than a CX Maxima. If you are searching for a certain total weight in regards to FOC, forward/backward weight and spine...then you might have to shop according to those specs. In my opinion, what you are paying for in the straighter arrows is a little bit of hype but it all comes down to supply and demand. A lot of guys are now shooting Carbon Express Maximas, Gold Tip Pros and Easton A/C/C's that your going to pay more for them. I listed those 3 different arrows because in my opinion, they are the best 3 out there right now and you couldn't go wrong with either one of them if I had to suggest looking at something. It's all in what you like. Hopefully others will chime in and give you their opinion as well.

Good luck!



PMA Member
I went from aluminum to Gold Tips and have never looked back. Watch the E-Bay stores and you can get them for almost half price. I bought two dozen arrows for what Cabelas wanted for one dozen! They can really take some abuse. Good luck.
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