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direct seeding acorns


New Member
Just thought I'd post a quick picture. Have been reading alot and it had been discussed here quite a while back. I shredded this area and then ran the disk over it, killed most of the sod- about 2/3 acre. Spread 15 grocery bags of acorns and then disked again. Will need to spray next spring but we'll see how it goes.


Active Member
Pharmer, do you use any special device for gathering that many acorns, or do pick them up the old fashion way. I am real ignorant on this subject, but does anyone know if you can pick acorns off the tree before they fall and plant them with success. My guess is no...


New Member
Im new to site and have not heard of this before, what is the end result your going for Growing trees, food plot?

Excuse the ingorance*^(%*^%(^)


New Member
I saw the Iowa DNR news on direct seeding at Sedan Bottoms a couple years ago. Old Buck had asked some questions about it on this site maybe a couple years ago and got me thinking about it again. Goal(looooongterm) is trees. I collected them from some very nice homeowners(I contacted a dozen or so homeowners with large mast crops, got a couple responses so far)- they had them all bagged up, I only had to put them in the truck. I know there were some split and unviable acorns but they should be seeded heavy enough for those that do sprout.


I had my kids picking them up from my parents lawn and they got paid per 5 gallon bucket. They got some money and I got my acorns.

I hope to have some trees that they and their kids will be able to look at in the years to come.

I do have one that I planted in a pot in the house about a month ago and the thing is about 8 inches tall with 3 leaves right now.


PMA Member
FYI - the rental shop on the far west end of Fairfield, One-Stop I think?, has an "acorn picker upper" for rent. Obviously this would only apply to those close to Fairfield, but other rental outfits may well have this device available too. It looked like a lawn sweeper, but designed specifically for acorns. I would imagine one could pick up a bundle of them in a hurry with this contraption.


Active Member
You can pick up a ton of them in a very short time with the device shown in the link. Clive Small engine rents them for $90 a day. Please show us progress pictures Pharmer.


New Member
Ironwood- are you going to live that long?



I had never tried that approach. But, I have gone out and collected good healthy acorns and bagged them in a cool, damp place. Then in the spring, I plant the acorns individually in potting plants and start them on my own. You can then transplant them. Great idea you have though and I would be curious to hear the results down the road.

J Becker

That sounds pretty cool. I might have to try that on our farm.


I've been wanting to do that for a couple years but have not. Please keep us posted on how this is working. Just might do this next year.


We direct seeded 24+ acres on our farm two years ago so far very happy with the results some of the ash and walnuts are over 4' found some oak close to 3'. Deer are using it pretty good. In the next few years it should create a great bedding area. To reforest a area I think its the only way to go.
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