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DWGH Farm Projects Thread 2020

Ive done a really crappy job of documenting my farm projects thus far. As some of you know I posted in the sale thread that I listed my farm for sale a few weeks ago (very unfortunate timing with cover-19 etc).
Even so, Ive continued to do chores and improve the property, even with the potential sale of the place; I want to keep it top notch for the new owner.
I'm anticipating a contingent contract to be in place in the next few days. But, I've got to keep hammering to maintain my sanity with the Virus BS and work being extremely demanding the last 6 months.
Here is the link to my 2019 thread:
Some of these projects were from several weeks/months ago, but I figured they were still worth sharing.
Neighborhood trapper making his mark on my farm

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Found this dummys shed a few weeks ago.
Sadly, I've had very little time to shed hunt this year, I found all but one of these in my food plots.

And this knuckleheads match set....i love it when they put on 3”,,,, first t cam pic is from 2018

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Put fire lines in on 3/19 and burned Yesterday and put down P and K for beans tonight after work. New tractor is earning its keep so far

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Couldn’t take it, it had been a long week even after work Wednesday. Needed some therapy. Worked up about 5 acres. Really liking my new tractor/disc combo. Cool moon last night, clover is happy

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Electric fence up on soybeans and corn.
Mulched 50-60 little cedars i planted bear root the last couple years that will serve as a nice screen in coming years.
I received a care package yesterday of stratified chestnut seeds. I got 15-20 into the ground and tubed at the farm and potted an additional 45 this afternoon, about all i can handle here on the patio. Hope to get several more out at the farm before weekend is over and send a few to some tree freak buddies. Big thanks to IW brethren for sharing these treasures.

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Sprayed 4 clover plots and barrier along e fence. Replaced a couple chestnuts that got vermon robbed. Also atarted the stairway to heaven on the big plot blind so the wife and kiddo can get in easier. Gonna be slick

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Tomorrow at 9 am the projects on my 122 acre Randolph County farm will come to an end. Its been an awesome/crazy transformation, and been a heck of a lot of fun.
At 10 am a new project will start on a new 176 acre tract just a few miles west of the 122. Im taking the afternoon off work after closing and gonna spray 9-10 acres to get fall plots in. Cant wait for whats yet to come. Stay tuned.

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