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Early lockdown?


Well-Known Member
See the same thing most years.
My opinion only but I think as breeding time comes, the older bucks somehow "supress" the urge the 6oungstets have?


PMA Member
This year is definitely different than most years. No mature bucks on cams yet, just young bucks chasing young does. Last year at this time the big boys were out and about. Photoperiodism is what triggers the rut but everything seems to be running 2 weeks behind this year, crops, fall foliage and deer activity for some reason.


Super Moderator
Staff member
I seriously wonder if there is somthing to the covid connection. Will never know..... but

Worst summer movement ever. Worst October movement ever. Far less buck sign. Horrible November so far.

Sounds like complaining... it's not. Just my personal observation of this year.


Well-Known Member
Zero scrapes or rubs at my place, and minimal other places I hunt. I figured I just dont have bucks on my place this year, but maybe rut is just getting a slow start. I had great doe activity last night and bucks seeking and chattering up a storm, after shooting light. Too dark to see quality, but I'm just glad action is picking up.


PMA Member
One thing that is very different this year is I’m hardly seeing any fawns! I started hunting October 1 and have hunted every week and when seeing does very few fawns are with them?!?!


PMA Member
So what's the deal with the leaves hanging on so long this year? Also seeing deer hammer acorns way more than I remember in November, late drop?
It hasn't been on fire here but I am seeing rutting activity and some big boys on their feet. Seems like the normal ebb and flow of the rut to me. It can turn red hot at any time.

MN Slick

PMA Member
Without question the movement has been better late October to about 11/6 than 11/6-11/10 the last 5 years in extreme north Missouri.

Hunting a new farm this year so can’t compare to previous years but movement last weekend far better than this one. Age structure is lacking but jumped 2 yearling bucks with does yesterday 11/6.

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One thing that is very different this year is I’m hardly seeing any fawns! I started hunting October 1 and have hunted every week and when seeing does very few fawns are with them?!?!
I have noticed extremely small fawns running around. I think I have a pic of a fawn on trailcam with spots in September, seemed late to me.

Wi transplant

PMA Member
I had really good buck activity around Halloween weekend and last 4 days ice cold!! Im off thru 14th so not getting discouraged! Gonna focus on mornings when its cooler moved a stand at 945 am today and there was a buck cruzing edge of bean field so not all are busy with girls!

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Have not seen any mature bucks seeking or chasing in daylight yet, central IA. I’m excited about next weekend with cool temps.

In 2013 I had a mature buck spend most of his time with one doe starting in late Oct. She was on track to be a couple days ahead of other does going into estrous, and he just waited around for weeks and did not range very far. That’s not a “lockdown” though. He finally tended her for several days at the same time of year deer always do. As soon as he finished with her he started ranging far and wide for another doe. That’s when I missed him at 15 yards


After the previous post, I took a drive in the country and spotted a buck bedded on the bank of a creek running through a harvested soybean field. Why would he be bedded in plain sight close to a gravel road if he didn't have a doe tucked close by? I stopped and glassed him, backed up, angled the vehicle for easier viewing, he just laid there. Normally stopping the vehicle would spook a buck.

Last Sunday, same country drive, I spotted a buck bedded right along a hard top road, down wind side of a fence line that had good cover. Other side of the road was standing corn. Did he push a doe there so he could better guard her? A buck bedded on the fence line of a heavily traveled road, head up, just laying there?

All I'm saying is that there could be some breeding going on. Saw lots of small fawns alone lately, Mom out on a date?

This year I decided to take off the week of Thanksgiving, hope it pays off. Maybe by then the corn will be out.


PMA Member
Well...just getting back home after a couple of days of hunting and it has been mostly slow for us too, although my son did get a nice buck Friday evening and I got another doe yesterday evening, for a total of three now.

But for the most part, things have been pretty unremarkable. Sounds like we are not alone.


Active Member
I was mowing brush in waterways today and a big 3.5 yr old buck jumped out of the weeds in a waterway with his doe. I didn't see them til they bolted. They were definitely spending some special time with each other several hundred yards away from the woods.

Wi transplant

PMA Member
Just had my buddy txt me had 8 bucks on one doe at 230pm this afternoon! No doubt she was hot!!

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