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After a long disappointing bow season I would like to share the story of "Eddy" my 2011 Late Muzzy harvest

It all started in the summer of 2010 while chasing a different buck I got my first pictures of Eddy in velvet.


I guessed this deer at 3.5 and right around the 140" mark and thought if he made it another year he might turn into something special.


I filled my archery tag early in 2010 and did not ever get a chance to see Eddy on his feet.

February rolled around and I managed to stumble on both sides of Eddy's sheds indicating that he had made it through the season. (see harvest photo)

Summer 2011 came around and Eddy showed back up on camera. However, he did not put on the inches of antler I expected. Eddy looked almost identical to what he did in 2010. Was he older than I guessed? Was his antlers as big as they would ever get?


I hunted hard in early to mid November in hopes of a different buck on the farm I call "Boe". As my luck would have it Boe offered me a shot on evening of November 8th, I miss judged the yardage hitting him high and never was able to recover this 170" 10 point.

Mad and discouraged I continued to bow hunt hard and on the Thanksgiving day Eddy offered me a 40 yard shot. I settled my pin and touched off me release dropping Eddy in his tracks. My first though was a spine shot as he was trying to get up and could not. While knocking another arrow Eddy jumps to his feet like nothing happens and runs into a brushy bedding area. With very little blood, needless to say I was unable to recovery him that night and my confidence was down the drain, wounding two deer in the same year.

As late muzzy season approched I threw cameras back up on this farm hoping one or both of these deer survived my non-fatal bow shots. What do you know Eddy shows up wearing a heck of an injury on his left side where my arrow exited only a few weeks before.


After looking at the time on this photo I knew Eddy was a killable deer with my muzzy.

I sat on an adjacent field edge for two nights before Eddy and 4 other bucks stepped out in the distance. They continued to feed and spar with eachother as light began to fade. I put the 200 yd. circle of my Nikon BDC scope on Eddy's vitals and touched her off. Eddy mule kicked and sprinted 20 yds before piling up in the mud.


I am guessing Eddy right around 150", although needless the score I am very happy to have had a second oppertunity at this buck that I have so much history with. Good luck to those hunters that still have a tag in there pocket!


Eyad yes the bulge on his left side is a big infected pocket from where my arrow exited.

Guys I don't know whats going on with the pictures I can see them? Any ideas?


Active Member
tmule88 said:
Eyad yes the bulge on his left side is a big infected pocket from where my arrow exited.

Guys I don't know whats going on with the pictures I can see them? Any ideas?

Check your profile privacy under user cp. May have to change who can view your album.

Congrats on the deer:way:

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Great history and harvest, Congrats buddy. Can't beat having the matched set from last year either!


death from above
Yup I see them now. Congrats again. He sure was a skinny dude in that last pic. Nice to have the sheds as well :way:

Also, IMO you are selling him short on age. The first years photos he looks 4-5 atleast. I would say you definitely killed a mature whitetail.
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Great deer, Please practice gun safety and treat every gun as though it is loaded. Not the first picture on here I have seen like this.
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