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Euro mount


Active Member
anybody have any advice for doing a euro mount.. I have one i need to do for my muzzy buck.. probably should've done a shoulder mount but thought id potentially try something different. Thanks in advance


PMA Member
Check out the tutorial at http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,125076.0.html

My whitening process is pretty much the exact same as what this guy does. It works! Don't forget the heat. I've only done about 5 euros but my simmering process is more simmering than what he does. I tend to simmer and clean probably 4-5 times. And I use Borax in the water to cut the grease. Simmer it for an hour or so and clean whatever you can off of it. Use a knife, needle nose pliers and a coat hanger for the brain cavity. Be careful with the nasal cavity. Simmer for another hour or so and clean again. Do this as many times as it takes. Once I have everything as clean as I can, I take it to the carwash and power wash it out. I was skeptical my first time thinking it would tear the nasal cavity apart, but it doesn't. You won't believe the junk that a power washer cleans out! Once it's as clean as it can be, then go for the whitening. Remember, any meat or fat that is left inside WILL rot and smell for awhile so it's critical to get as much out as possible.


PMA Member
power washing is deffinately the key ingredient. I don't like to add anything to boiling pot that may discolor the antler bases either


I buried my skull in the ground for 2-3 months. When I pulled it out it was clean as a whistle. Just cover antlers so they don't get bleached or chewed on.


Well-Known Member
I just simmer on water soda and dawn soap. Alot of scraping for sure but my skulls are nice. After scraping and simmer I use whitening paste I got from taxidermy catalog.


I take as much flesh off as I can with a knife. The more you can get off before simmering it the better. I keep my water below a boil with 1/4 cup of sodium carbonate per gallon of water and about a half a cup of borax. Pull them out after 45 mins or an hr and hit them with the powerwasher. Clean as a whistle. Follow up with any whitening process you want. We use a 50/50 Mix of true 40% peroxide and your standard issue peroxide. Soak them for a day and then stick them under a bright hot light. Have done 50-60 with this same method.

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