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farm with cows in the timber


Miles Coffin
I have access to a farm that we haven't been hunting due to cattle in the timber. With the rut here would it be something I should spend some time in this weekend or would it still suck. Trail cams are showing some does, small bucks, and lots of cows. Haven't had one shooter Buck on came yet, but we just got access to it and are still learning. It's a sizeable section of timber with a creek down the middle and crp/corn all around it. Im gonna guys the cow headcount at around 40 or 50.


My family has a timber/pasture that hows cows in all summer then are pulled around halloween. I have a hard time getting anything killed until the cows are out. They just dont move in there with cows. But when the cows come out, the deer move in pretty good in a weeks time. Its just the way it is


New Member
I hunt a lot of farms where cows are present.. If i had a choice id hunt where their arent cows but i still do sit in these cow areas durning rut because deer run like crazy. Seen many trophy bucks come out of draws that have timber all around them to feed in fields next to the cows.. but have to go threw the cows first to get to you.


New Member
on my family ground there were cows for years, semed like i would still see plenty of deer and decent bucks, now all the pasture ground is being farmed so i dont have to worrie about cows.


PMA Member
I've hunted areas with cows with plenty of success. One thing I would suggest tho is trying to get into your stand without the cows noticing you. Some don't care, but when I hunted up around Wadena I had cows follow to my stand and just stand at the base staring at me for hours. I still saw deer within range, but I was not very confident with them there.


New Member
I hunt in a pasture right on the edge of a Crp field and see the same 11 does every morning and had no bucks on cams till now and I seem 4 nice shooters searching through looking for a hot doe. Had a cow 5 yards from a nice buck when he was rubbing a tree and he acted like it wasn't even there. If there's does there's bucks.


Arrow Chucker
Personally, I hate hunting where cows roam. But, as others have said, if you have doe sightings, bucks will be there too at some point. My only advise would to not let them see you walk in.


New Member
I hunt a big piece of land (1000 acres) of which maybe there is 200 acres of draws and timber. There are around 200 head of cows on it and I see then ALL the time to and from stands and while I'm hunting. The deer will spook at them on occasion but for the most part it doesn't matter. There are still a ton of rubs and scrapes and big big deer. A few years back I had cows walk right under my stand at first light and was a little upset. And right then had a huge 8 walk within 17 yards. I would love the property to be free of cows but they don't hurt much. Had deer feeding in cut corn 15 yards from cows last night.
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