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Most of us are not farmers but we are as anal about our plots as if we were. Most also do not plot on a big enough scale to be really beneficial imo. Again, imo, it’s the cumulative effect of you and the neighbors all planting.

I know a couple of people who have these type of implements. One has the Firminator and the other has the Woods. They are both very happy with their units from a food plot perspective. No, they are not no till drills but they do things a no till drill can’t do and look to be able to take more abuse than a no till would.

Whoever buys one please make a thread about your thoughts and experiences with it. I enjoy and believe real world results over the people that get their units for free. Give me one and I’ll do a glowing review. Best thing ever!!!


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Don't do this with it! Haha



I bought an ancient 3 point Marliss no-till drill back in the ‘90’s. Thing weighed a TON and was about all the IH1066 could handle. The drill was supposed to be driven by both wheels, but an owner before me took the chain off one side and fused the two boxes together. Unfortunately, one side was more open than the other when the shafts were coupled.

What’s that got to do with anything? I used that drill to no-till soybeans into switch grass sod. I used it to convert pastures into oats/alfalfa. Was it ideal? No. But I sold it for the same price I bought it for, it got the job done. So I don’t think at the food plot level you are going to go too far wrong.

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Well, I can see how that would make you not a fan.

But in a more traditional type food plot setting, how does it do? Putting clover sized seeds into last years grains etc?
I posted pic more as a joke.

As for normal use..... I planted multiple plots with it. If it's a good tool for folks, awesome. For stuff I would plant with it (Small seed stuff), I would rather just broadcast by hand and cultipack. I can do it faster and more accurately.


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I have a Woods PS 72 drill and was very happy with the results. I'm no longer using it so let me know if you are interested.

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