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First completed slate call


New Member
I have been a little slow at getting my wingbone calls done for everyone that sent me wings, due to my broken hand.( Sorry about the delay guys and girl:)) It's getting so that I can use all the fingers on my right hand without tearing up, so I'll get on them ASAP!

Turning calls on a lathe takes a little less dexterity and more gross body movement to complete. I figured I'd give it a shot. I have been waiting for the slates to get here so that I could put the calls I had already made togather. I recieved them today.

I looked over at a piece of walnut that had been sitting there since I busted my hand and figured I'd try turning a call to see how the hand would like it. The I figured the hardest part would be getting through the "roughing out" phase would be the hard part. It turned out going well and I finished the call without crying.....and I think it ended up being the prettiest call yet.




New Member
Looks great, I'm gonna have to make some one of these days, did you use a buffing wheel to polish the walnut while turning?


New Member
Thanks Alaskan, no I didn't buff it. The call needs a finish applied, it's raw walnut right now. I think buffing is probably the best option though. I have a little more sanding to do ( you can see a few tool marks in it yet.)


New Member
Hey Limb... My FIL knows a guy that owns a lazer engraver, CNC machine etc. I was thinking about having him engrave my logo on the calls( once I come up with one
) Turning some calls and having the IW Logo engraved would be cool for give-aways, raffles, for the booth at The Classic, etc. If you guys want to do that, I'm up for it.

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