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First fawn of the year


Staff member
Nothing here. Any day…. Lot of huge does looking like time to pop.
Wanting every coyote around DEAD btw! ;)


PMA Member
Today. Doe in the road dich. Bout 2 weeks early on average.
Cute little bugger.

How bout you guys, seen any yet?
FWIW, now a number of years ago, I had to, quick like a bunny, mow all of my CRP acres so as to kill off the many, many volunteer trees that had sprung up in it, mostly cedars. To my surprise, we encountered more than a couple new born fawns right around May 10th'ish. Prior to that, I always thought that it would be later in May before they started to show up. But, that experience told me that there are some out there a little earlier than I had ever thought.


Well-Known Member
When I start seeing does mid day by themselves and in places they typically never are, and just standing/starting, you know a newborn is near by.
That usually starts here bout may 20th.


New Member
Jumped a doe yesterday mowing trails. When I came back through kicked her up again. I stopped looked closer and there was a fawn scrambling at her feet in the tall grass.I got out of there as the thing couldn’t even walk yet. Does that mean it just dropped?

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