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First Kill for my Nephew


PMA Member
Took him during regular firearms season, and he managed to shave a few belly hairs off a doe at 60 yards.

Finally got another chance to take him out on the closing evening of late doe season here in Kansas, and he made a great shot on a good doe.

I'll never forget the first deer I ever took, I hope he doesn't either!! I think it is important to light the fire for the outdoors at an early age. I can't wait till my girls are old enough to take.



Iowa Boy At Heart
AWESOME! Great job taking him out and getting him involved and hooked!

I get to take my daughter on her first hunt this coming November down in South Texas. She's joined me on several of my own outings, but she gets to go for her own tag-filling this year. Next year, when she turns 10, she'll finally get to experience what we have to offer in Arizona!


PMA Member
I've been on a lot of very memorable hunts by myself, but none compare to being with my son and daughter when they took their first deer...so I'm sure it wasn't just a hunt that he will remember for a long time, but you as well.

Congrats to both you and your nephew KSHUNTER :way:



PMA Member
Thanks for the comments, I'll have to show him the page. When the deer came out, they were a little far out for his ability, so I let them work closer. When I told him to get the gun up and move slow that poor kid got so excited, i didn't think I was ever going to get him to calm down enough to make the shot.

I was more excited than him when he made the shot and drilled her! Of course there was about ten does in the field and when they didn't scatter after his shot I got a chance to get in on the excitement and filled my doe tag!
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