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First time for everything.

The Dotz

New Member
Had a first time experience today. I was in my stand getting frustrated cause I haven't seen a deer in 3 days. So at 6:45 I did a little sparing session and as soon as i was done, I heard movement in the cornfield. So I waited and waited and nothing. I was guessing it was one of the 10 coons I seen earlier. So at 7:15 I packed up and got down from my stand and started walking back to the truck. I didn't make it 20 ft from my stand and I heard a huge crash from the cornfield and I looked over and there was the largest buck I have seen in person 10ft from me. We both crapped, starred at each other for a sec and he ran back into the field.

I really didn't know what to think.

Anyone else had this happen? And this early? I know during rut deer do stupid things.



I've had it when I get down well after legal shooting hours and just see eyes everywhere...don't know if they where bucks or not though.


7:15 is 30 min after sunset so I couldn't shot anymore anyway.

Yes, but, If you want to hunt that stand again it is best to let them move through before ya get down. I sometimes try to sound like a coyote or something if they just wont move on.


jboswell said:
Yes, but, If you want to hunt that stand again it is best to let them move through before ya get down. I sometimes try to sound like a coyote or something if they just wont move on.

Haha made me kind of laugh il have to try it.


I usually get out around 745-8 but if you might have waited 10 more minutes you could have at least seen this buck to see what's moving around your stand....I'm not going to lie I've got busted leaving my stand early cus I'm tired of staring at squirrels, but I've learned to wait it out.


PMA Member
That's a tough break since you didn't know he was there. Most of us probably would have made that same mistake in this case. The whole sound like a coyote thing does work though. Had a field full of does last year that I knew were going to be hanging around for awhile. I let out a couple of the best howls my voice could muster and they all trotted off the field. They didn't look terribly spooked, just like you would expect if they saw a coyote. I felt kinda dumb doing it, but its better than getting busted.


Active Member
I have done the coyote howl many times. Works good. Sound like an idiot but what the heck. I must of done it well one night because all the yotes started howling after me. Barking like a dog works too. I have busted many deer walking out before though. It happens.


One night I got out of the stand well after sunset and had to walk across a big cut bean field to get to my truck. Spooked a few deer...they ran down over a hill so I kept walking. Moments later here they come back over the hill right at me! This time a nice buck was behind them (could see his rack siluetted in the horizon). They got to 15 yards before the realized I was in there path, and booked in to the timber. I thought they might run me over. Deer are strange sometimes!


Active Member
alot of times it seems like if you spook them in the dark they dont really know what you are.. I've had them spook and run like 60 yards away and then watch me walk by, sometimes theres just nothing you can do about it but curse your luck and keep walking
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