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Flat tires!


PMA Member
I have been doing my annual spring food plot dance that is always replete with new and interesting ways for something to break and/or fail...and now this. I have been drilling beans into corn stubble lately and when I returned to the farm yesterday to continue the effort I found three flat tires. Yikes! The two front tires on the tractor and one of the tires on the tow behind grain drill.

None were flat, flat, but all were pretty low and needed plenty of air. Thankfully there was enough air in them to then get over to the air supply, so it wasn't a total bomb out, but I will need to repair, or possibly replace, these tires for sure.

The culprit...a close inspection revealed that I have many small shards of corn stalk/stubble embedded in the tires, a couple/few of which are deep enough to let air leak out. I was surprised to see so many shards embedded, probably 2-3 dozen per tire. I believe the holes that are leaking can be fixed with a standard plug...but what gives? Has anyone else run into this? Tires are danged expensive.

I am not sure if these corn shards were embedded when I drove over them while drilling the beans OR from when I mowed the stalks down at various times in the past. This is the first time I have noticed them, but it is possible that some of them have been there for some time.


Active Member
That's the chits...a neighbor told me one time he drove his f150 can thru a corn field and the next day he had 4 flat tires.
Said something about those new hybrid corn makes stalks tougher so they don't break, get blown down, also makes them hard on tires.
I've avoided cut corn fields as much as possible ever since.


How does a person “age” tires? I’ve had old tractors with old tires that the rubber got hard with age and were less likely to puncture. Put new front tires on one tractor and suddenly got flats.

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Active Member
I punctured the sidewall on a brand new truck tire going through a cut bean field a few years ago. Never would have guessed bean stubble could do that.


PMA Member
Put some slime in those babies and run em!
I plugged the holes, 4 total, 2 in each tire. One hole took two plugs, but appears to be holding. THEN, we slimed both tires too. Seems to be holding air, my son has been on the tractor now for a couple of hours this evening at his house.

I think the notion that some corn varieties have tougher stalks is accurate.


Well-Known Member
I punctured the sidewall on a brand new truck tire going through a cut bean field a few years ago. Never would have guessed bean stubble could do that.
We had soybean stubble puncture the sidewall of a brand new semi tire last fall. We were less than impressed.


New Member
Sounds like you already put slime in them but if you ever need to do it again put Amerseal in them fill them with air and forget about them. I have the thorniest farm in Southern Iowa, was getting flats all the time, millions of locust thorns through my tractor and atv tires. Seymour Tire finally convinced me to use Amerseal and I thank them everytime I see them, just amazing stuff, and American made in Kansas. Have had it in my tires for 4 years now and have not had a single problem.


Staff member
*iowa254 beat me to it, amerseal is great stuff too!!!! American made…. I’ll get that next time.

Been there 50 million times. Your example is a bit unique but I think I’ve had a flat for any reason that exists on earth!!!!
For never ever getting a flat…. Think it’s rated for a 1.5” hole. This is go to….
For cheaper price & still “wow that works incredibly well”…… this + buy a sealant pump. This is rated for .5”….
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