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Super Moderator
Been awhile since I caught the flu, but I had it confirmed today by Doc. Hope you all avoid it....


New Member
I had it over thanksgiving. Threw up this morning also but don't know what it was. Hope you get better

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Well-Known Member
What kinda flu? There is the stomach virus, that people call the stomach flu, there is the respiratory type you get shots for. A lot of controversy over flu shots, but until I got them I got the flu every winter. Since getting them it has been rare to get a sniffle. I'm a believer!:)

Crimson Arrows

Well-Known Member
Yep-pretty rough. I had it in November and got a flu shot as well, although you never know the strain you will get. It will pass soon.


PMA Member
The flu is terrible! One of my kids was tested positive for influenze A 2 weeks after we had our newest baby! Talk about a little bit of a scare. If baby were to have gotten it, it could have been life threatening. Thankfully she is a nursing baby and they have incredible immune systems!


Im sure your doctor told you, but drink lots of fluids and take vitamin C and D supplements to fight it off more quickly. Get well!

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