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Food plot tip


Active Member
Read this somewhere, cant remember where. For you guys who hunt over corn food plots in the winter, one idea to improve your hunting is to brush hog the corn before season. Not only does it knock the corn so you can see better, but it adds moisture to the corn making it more palitable and digestible for the deer. Just an idea, I know I will never hunt over standing corn again. If the deer get into it, sometimes you cant see them.


PMA Member
I've been told that knocking the corn down really attracts the deer...for whatever reason. However, I've yet to be convinced that this isn't getting much too close to the "baiting" issue. Free standing corn is one thing, but if you knock some of it down in key places, I don't see how that's much different than dumping a pile of corn on the ground.

Even if it is completely legal, I'd hesitate to knock all of our plot down for fear of a heavy snow making it difficult for deer to use as much. Just my 2 cents.



Active Member
Right after writing this, I thought about what u just said, u just beat me to it. I cant see how knocking it down would be considered baiting but i could see brushhogging it. I guess as long as the corn was already there and you didnt bring it in, I dont see how it could be concieved as baiting. Probably a question for a lawyer rather than a hunter.


Life Member
When we hunt over standing corn late in the year, we drive the truck through it to knock it down. Really helps with the sight issue. We will drive in and out from the stand essentially making shooting lanes from the stand.


Scott I think you are right about asking a lawyer, I asked a lawyer buddy of mine (Fred Bishov) and he didn't have a clue about any sort of laws. I'll contact another buddy later maybe he can clear this up for you.


Big Timber

I am not 100% on this but explain to me how that would be any different than planting clover and mowing it? I don't see where the baiting argument could be used but you guys are right, it needs to be addressed. The corn plots are essentially food plots, they are still grown from the soil. I would consider baiting to be anything placed in an area, not grown.

Very good question that needs an answer from a CO.

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