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Food plots.


Active Member
I planted my food plots/lawn LOL over aweek ago, but with no rain they havent started to grow yet. After watching that wind yesterday blow the dry dirt around, now im wondering if I have any clover seed left at all.

I guess its gonna rain this week, I hope.

How about the rest of you? Anything planted yet?


Active Member
I'm kind of in the same boat. I planted a 1/3 acre patch of clover on the 5th and the soil was pretty dry. It was supposed to rain that night but no rain fell until the 17th. Nothing seemed to grow in the mean time and I assume the seed was just laying there waiting for moisture. After the rain it warmed up on the 18th and I checked the plot and noticed some weeds and grass starting to grow. I took the opportunity to spray them with roundup hoping to keep the competition down for the clover. I didnt see any clover coming up yet, so I'm just hoping I didnt just kill the enitre food plot!? lol
Good luck with your plot, this is my first attempt at a real food plot.


Active Member
Well I don't remember the exact day we planted. Probably two weeks ago this last weekend. Maybe 3. We had not yet received any decent amount of rain either. We also saw all kinds of turkey scratchings in the dry dirt. I didn't think there would be any seed left in our plot to grow. Low and behold I noticed this last weekend that we had everything starting to grow - grass, clover, and oats. Really could use rain and it looks like today we are going to get what we needed. Cross your fingers but your stuff should be popping up soon especially with this rain. EXCITING!!!

Big Timber

I just drilled my clover in last weekend and were finally getting rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Your plots will be growing now with all of the moisture were getting. Looks like rain for the rest of the week.

Vman, how's the house coming?



Active Member
Rain, Finally got some. This should help. Need some more though.


Its getting their. I hope to have the vast majority done by this weekend. Still need to build a bookcase for the office, and a built in tv center for the family room and add a fireplace. After that bring on the carpet!


Active Member
Just checked the food plot.

Their are finally coming up. I plnated some imperial no plow in a spot in the timber. This stuff came up fast once we got some rain. Now I better get the videocam built to start monitorting this plot. Should be a good one.
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