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Food plotting


Active Member
So I’m shifting some of my equipment to make it “easier” for food plotting and I’m contemplating some 3 pt tillage pieces (just can’t justify no till yet). I’m looking at a field cultivator or a disc, but not sure which one I’d prefer. Thoughts or opinions? Anyone else using 3 pt stuff for some guidance? All of the other stuff just is to big and bulky for some of the plots and I don’t have room to expand them at this time.


Staff member
I started with disc & cultipacker. I like a disc because you can go shallow. & for 95% of projects- shallow is what u want. No reason to be tearing up erodible soil 6” deep for example.
If you get a cultipacker or a cultimulcher- u can do all your small seeds with very light disc or even no disc …. then packing, seeding & packing.
If u r patient & bid at multiple auctions….. u could get a small drill in the $1-5k range btw. Worth considering. I got a small drill with 2 boxes for $500 one time.

Echo above: what size plots & what all are u planting?


Active Member
I have a 40hp JD. I have access to 65 and bigger HP tractors but those start to get to big for my small plots. My 2 biggest plots are just under 2 acres each, and then I have 4 that are at that acre size. So total of 8ish acres currently -I might take on my buddies plots too.
As far as seed, I plant anything except corn it seems. Just never had good luck with corn but the flip side I will be honest with myself, I haven’t put the time or units into the corn to truly get good stands either. Beans and Brassicas are the tickets on my area it seems so I usually gravitate towards them


Well-Known Member
Based on that information, I'd get a disc. A good heavy 6' box frame disc on a 3 point mount would work well for your tractor. Tillers are nice for smaller plots under an acre due to their maneuverability, etc. But if you're doing 8 acres, you'd spend 3 days out there trying to till that much land. Disc is much quicker and covers the acres better..

Then also a good ag grade cultipacker as Skip mentioned and you're set.

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