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Forest Reservce


Land of the Whitetail
I am thinking about putting my timber in the forest reserve. Is this is good or bad idea? I dont plan to have horses or live stock or use the timber in any manner to provide income or build on any of the timber so it seems like it would be a good idea to give me a tax break on those acres. Any cons that maybe dont seem obvious or something to be aware of?

The part about selling etc is a little confusing to me to read and understand. Eight year period and then following five years? If I sale am I then subject to paying back taxes on what was in the forest reserve if sold in under 10 years? The way that whole portion is typed out is a little hard to read/comprehend.



Staff member
As long as u don’t graze it, clear cut it or lease it for hunting… u qualify & good to go.
No reason not to unless a guy had a personal feeling that those taxes should be paid.
U can take it out anytime so really no reason against.

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