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Getting rid of Brome!!!!!!!!!!

Big Timber

Does anybody have any experience with eliminating Brome grass? I've got a few too many acres of neglected ground smothered with brome. I'm planning on spraying the field in the next week or two, and then drilling in some beans.

I've heard that Brome is a PITA (Pain In The A..)to get rid of due to root structure.

Any help is appreciated. I'd just like to hear from someone who has dealt with it or knows about it.




New Member
Plow it under and let it sit for a couple of weeks when the weather is hot. Then disk it and that seemed to work for me.


That's what we did last year BT. In the spring we sprayed it and waited 2-3 weeks and then we drilled in round up ready corn. Once the corn was up nailed it again and the fields are basically broam free and weed free right now. We weren't expecting a real good crop but the corn came up really good to our surprise. Within the next couple week's we plan to disc them and re-plant.

I would like to burn it but I had a bad experience with that at a young age watching my dad show me how to burn off a field. Let's put it this way, dad bought the neighbor a few pine trees when it was all said and done
Good Luck Bud!


New Member
My real farmer buddies tell me that brome is easy to kill in the fall with Round-up and a b!tch to kill in the spring. I had decent success with fall plowing and then disking in spring twice about 2 weeks apart. Sprayed a big new plot last fall and looks like we got a good kill.

Big Timber

Funny story Nonres.

I heard the same about it being a pain in the spring. Well, I'll spray it, drill it and spray again. I can't really expect too much out of a first year drilled crop, but it gets better with time.

Thanks Guys,

I'll keep you updated.

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