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Glenwood Iowa Trespassers (Mills County)


New Member

Pic was taken 1 mile west out of Glenwood, Iowa in Mills County in the Loess Hills. Not far from I29. Just South of Hwy 34 about 1/2 mile.

Can't believe they didn't steal my Reconyx!!!!!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks Alot!


PMA Member
What is that a stock tank? Looks like they are working on it to me possibly? You don't lease it out to any farmers/cattlemen do ya?


No, you can't pet him.
Couple ?'s come to mind.

Is there a vacant residence/old outbuildings near the camera?
Have there been scrap thefts in the area?

If so I'd send these pics to the sheriff-he may be looking for them. If the date on your cam is correct I'm guessing deer aren't on those guys minds.


Land of the Whitetail
What the heck are they doing? I'd be kinda creeped out after seeing those on my land, I'd almost rather see someone shed hunting?


PMA Member
That is Capt. Phil (Deadliest Catch) back from the dead with his boy Jake just out of rehab.


Life Member
Rough looking guy. Wonder that stock tank and camera are both still there, Nice to know you have a guys here to help ID .


Well-Known Member
Im going to go with under cover CO's waiting for you to come hunt over your bait tank. They are setting up an ambush look out.


Well-Known Member
I bet its some of those gangster Tennessee guys soaping your property.

You must have pissed someone off.

That is some funny stuff,

The big guy is saying to the little guy "Man dont let the camera see the box of soap if my mom finds out I took her Tide she will light me up with a stick"
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