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Google Earth and Weather.com

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Active Member
Feb 6, 2002
Central Iowa
I thought it would be a good time to get ideas from members about their favorite web data sorces for aero and weather info.

I have seen google earth and couldn't believe how sweet it looks, but I have had trouble getting it to run correctly on my PC. I intend to spend some time on this because of the grewat images provided.

For weather I have been using Weather.com I really like the hour by hour forcast to predict wind change for the days hunt.

Let see you favorites and how you use them to improve your hunts.


Life Member
Sep 22, 2001
The Padded Room
I like Google Earth. I even sent in the 14 bucks for an "upgrade"? Can't tell the difference. Some areas, like Leon/Decatur County are not very high resolution, gee I wonder why I was looking at Leon? I like GE better than the GIS because you can "fly" esier to new areas.

For weather I use the rock site, if its wet..... And the chain site, if its straight out....

Ironwood, When I first downloaded GE it ran fine, then something happened so it would open up and run for about 30 seconds then lock up. I emailed GE with the error message and what it was doing and they sent me directions on how to fix it. It was basically downloading an up dated graphics loader gizzy thingy from Micro Soft. Runs great ever since. Maybe it is worth the 14 bucks.

The 'Bonker


New Member
Dec 19, 2002
accuweather.com has been the best for me
weather.com is pretty good as well

Google Earth is nice, the interface is handy. They haven't gotten very good resolution over most of the major hunting areas in Iowa yet. If they could improve that to what they have for other counties like Johnson I'd be sold.

I have a hunting binder that consists of past years notes and 100's of topo/terraserver plastic sleeved sheets that show stand locations. When I have a SE wind for example and I can't think off where I might want to sit....I whip out the master binder and flip through it looking at various stand locations and how they lay, finding just the right one for the SE wind...bingo I am of to hunt!!!!