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Got my 2nd one down for the year!


Life Member
Well this truly has been a great season for me and family. A little recap from yesterday, my video partner was able to smoke a huge buck he has been after all season. It ended up scoring 194 6/8, just a pig of a buck.

Now getting to my buck, I've been on vacation all week but unable to get out to hunt for myself due to family obligations. Tonight I was able to get out for a few hours and man the timber was alive. I rattled in a few small bucks and then comes a great 3.5 year old buck I've let walk all season. He is a mid 150's to low 160's class buck. He reworks a scrape and continues on. A few minutes later, a big old 8 point shows up and refreshes the same scrape. This is a buck we wanted out of the area. He finally made his way into bow range and I let a Rage go. He ducks after my shot and I end up hitting him right behind the shoulder in the lower part of the spine. Dropped in his tracks.

Now I'm looking for a chance to slip one in behind his shoulder as he is down. This is when it gets interesting. The bigger 10 I've passed all season comes in and proceeds to hammer my buck. Hair is a flying and the 8 point is trying to turn and face him. After they get together with the racks I hollar at the 10 point. He continues to hammer the big 8. After about a minute of me yelling at him he stops and backs up about 3 feet. I'm waving my arms and still yelling. He finally retreats about 5 yards. Now they both watch as I climb down. I pick up my bow and dispatch the big 8 and the big 10 is still standing there. I grab a tree branch and throw it at him, he retreats to about 10 yards away but stands his ground. I finally grab another stick and throw it at him, now he finally comes to his senses and takes off.

After taking a look at the 8 he has some good sized holes in his hindend. It was a fun hunt and I can't wait for late season muzzle loader to get here. Now I'll just have to be content to kill some more does. He grosses right at 150".





Life Member
WOW! Hope Doug was there with the camera?

Congrats Chris! Sounds like quite the hunt!


PMA Member
Great buck there and a crazy story too. Since the 10 pointer isn't a fair fighter... you may want to get him with the ol' crippled decoy trick next year! /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif


Life Member

Great buck Chris, Congrats! /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif

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