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Old Buck

Life Member
I just got my first deer of the year and it is a buck! Made a solid hit and he went down right away. I usually shoot most of my deer with a bow so the loud bang and all the smoke were unusual and surprising. Really stunk too, just like when you shoot a muzzleloader.

Sometimes when I shoot a deer with a bow the arrow breaks in the process. Kind of expensive with carbon arrows. This one was even more expensive than usual, about the cost of the front end of a Tahoe.
I'll try to post photos later.

If anyone is low on meat I can direct you to a very fresh deer. Already tenderized too!

When I say he went down right away I forgot to mention he skidded 104 yards. At least I learned something new. I didn't know that when air bags go off the are full of really smelly smoke!

Old Buck


Life Member
You would have never hit that deer if Iowa would have had a shotgun season last November and a late high power rifle season...

Sounds like time for a new "hunting rig"!


PMA Member
Since I can't discriminate against my relatives, I'll have to ask you the same question as my nephew. How many ditches did you have to chase him through before you hit him?? Glad your ok and able to laugh about it.


Life Member
Almost forgot to ask. Since you sometimes use some of your bucks in your paintings, can we expect to see this one in the future? Might make a nice series. Maybe a before, during and after type of thing. Can I get my usual print number on these?


Life Member
It is not the food plots in the roadway. Its the carnivorus deer we have here in Iowa. They have trouble chasing and catching their prey so they have adapted to eating the dead 'possums and coons that litter our roadways. It is not the high deer numbers that are causing the accidents, its the high number of road kill coons and 'possums that bring out the deer to feed.

You think the chuck holes are made by frost heave? No way. The really big deer are able to paw, some may even be stout enough to lick, holes in the asphalt and cement trying to get every last tastey morsel of the road kill coon or possum.

Save a Chevy, kill a coon.

The 'Bonker


Life Member
Wow Bonker.....that was interesting....I did not realize that ruminants would eat the stinking rotting flesh of a possum.

Big Timber

Glad to hear your ok Larry. Was it a clean harvest?

I can see it now,

The unveiling of Larry Zach's new painting...........

"Old Roadkills 1"

I'd buy it, somehow you'd turn it into a masterpiece.



Life Member
Wow Bonker.....that was interesting....I did not realize that ruminants would eat the stinking rotting flesh of a possum.

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh yeah, sure they can. The deer just have to cough a little harder to get the cud up.

The 'Bonker

Old Buck

Life Member
I finally got my vehicle back. Thanks to two air bags going off the total was just under $6,000! You think the insurance companies would be paying me to shoot does.

Old Buck


Well-Known Member
Old Buck,

That's why I am continually amazed that the insurance industry and farming organizations are not asked to subsidize the HUSH program to a statewide level ASAP if the industries have so much to gain from a lower deer density within the state. Does that make any sense to anyone else???
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