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Great buck from my VCAM

Big Timber

Don't worry fellas...

I'll have him riding shotgun on the way to the classic this year!

Nice deer eh?



Active Member
You evidently never read the fine print. As camera builder I get first crack at the first big buck that that camera takes. It was a condition of me donating my time to the QDMA!

Big Timber

Your time donated is highly appreciated by the members of QDMA.

Your fine print states that the owner must set up the cam and pick the location in order for your rule to be considered valid. Therefore you do not qualify for this one.

What the heck, I'll even set a stand for ya!



I must admit...BT (Clark W. Griswold as his friends call him) did pick the location for the cam. However, the camera did do the work! Great work to both of you!!!

Limb Chicken

They would both miss anyway. Hell BT how can you shoot a deer when you are just getting out of the ballet when you should be going to the deer stand?

Big Timber

Nice Limb, Nice.

Well ballet tends to help me concentrate, helps me focus. Something you would never understand.

I once heard that a man afraid of showing his feminine side is merely half a man.

Back to the cam: Columbus and I set it up after the ballet. We got the same buck on a couple of other cams as well. He might be a shooter.

We'll let you know this fall.

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