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Great turkey marinade


New Member
The bird I took yesterday was grilled last night...WOW! Try this out, it was great!

Enough teriyaki sauce to cover the filleted turkey breasts when put in a Tupperware container large enough to accommodate both breasts side by side. ( wordy enough for you??)

Soy sauce: 1/3 the volume measured for the teriyaki.

2 tbsp olive oil

One medium white onion, chopped

4 tbsp (not tsp) minced garlic

Mix all the above ingredients together in a bowl. Place the washed and trimmed turkey breasts in the Tupperware container making sure they do not overlap. Pour the mixture over the breasts, cover and put in the fridge for 6-8 hrs. Grill breasts over high heat to sear and move to a place on the grill with no direct heat under the fillets. Toss on a handful of soaked hickory chips and close the lid. Let cook with indirect heat until thickest parts of fillets are white in the center (about 25 min) Grab a beer and enjoy!
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