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Halloween Buck


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Someone forgot to tell me, or maybe I forgot to listen how much time kids cut into hunting. This year I was scrambling to check stands after some strong wind, set cams and do all the other stuff that I never had a problem getting done before I had 3 minions taking up my day. I hadn't hunted at all up until October 30th other than taking the wife out during Early Muzzleloader. The evening of the 30th was my first sit and I did a hang and hunt along some crp in a cattle pasture. I was running late due to some family commitments and was definitely unprepared for the hoof in with all the gear. Got the stand up about 12 foot because if I went any higher I would lose all cover and shooting lanes.. The cattle were in the pasture and judging from my camera the deer were staying out so I assumed they would use the crp transition. The evening of the 30th yielded 3 does way off in the distance and one nice buck I hope to meet up with next year.
I made the trek back home and after hearing about their trick or treating adventures on Saturday I told the wife I would like to hunt Sunday morning and go Trick or Treating with them instead of hunting Sunday evening. Sunday morning came and I was out the door with the waders on. I snuck in through the pasture and crossed the waist deep river and was greeted by 30 black Angus laying directly under my stand. I eventually got them to move off and proceeded to sit in darkness for the next hour. By the time daylight hit I knew I was underdressed. I sat for the first 45 minutes with no action. Then a small buck was making his way from the fields and crp into the timber. About 10 minutes after him I noticed 3 does come out about 80 yards away in the crp heading the opposite way. The last doe kept looking back and acting squirrely and all of a sudden a big boy came trotting out. He busted up the group and was kind of chasing them all over the crp. He took them away from me about 200 yards and then it looked like he lost interest and let them go their own way. I lost sight of him and caught movement right next to me. It was another doe and fawn. They worked past and at about 40 yards they scattered and the buck appeared again. He chased them around for 5 minutes before losing interest again. This time he was about 40 yards away with no chance of a shot. He stood there facing away, scraping and posturing for quite awhile. I was just thinking he was probably going to try to find new does when he took a step my way and I knew it was on. The step turned I to a trot and I was trying to figure when I was could draw. I elected to let him get in my opening before I drew in case he caught me. He didn't, but he also didn't stop. I "meh'd" 3 times in 3 different openings before he stopped. When he finally did I had to crouch and lean to make a basketball sized opening work at 24 yards. He took off hit hard and I watched him through the crp and into the field where he tipped over. Man what a feeling! Made a few phone calls to my wife to bring the kids out before Sunday school, some buddies and brothers, and got to walk up on him alone.. Good luck to all. Its about to be rockin.

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Awesome...all of it. Congrats on the great buck, but also keeping the priorities in line...many of us have gone through the same phase. But when they are grown and they still want to hunt with dad, etc...it's all worth it!
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