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Heater body suit


I must admit, when i get up out of a nice warm bed early in the morning, it sometimes is hard to talk myself into freezing my butt off in a treestand all day. I like evening hunts more, and cold windy afternoons are just as bad. I miss more days in the treestand than i care to admit.

I have been wanting a Heater body suit for a couple years. I'm sure it would help me stick it out during those cold temps.

Does anyone here have one and what do you think about them?
Looks like there is 4 different camo patterns. Would a skyline pattern work better for treestands or a regular camo?


New Member
Been lusting after one of those for years myself. Late season morning hunts are almost a thing of the past for me due to the cold. Would love to own one but they are pricey!!!! Would also be interested to hear anyone's experience with them. I would definitely opt for the skyline I think or else a gray pattern if it's available.


PMA Member

I've had one for several years and it's the best thing since sliced bread IMHO. It's gotten me out there and kept me on stand longer than anything else I've ever used. Can be a little tricky putting it on in the tree on a small platform, but once you're in it you're as comfortable as if you're still at home in bed!

I really like it because I overheat easily getting to my stands, (long hikes, tough terrain) but with this I can dress ultra-light going in, slip the suit on and I'm set. Never a problem making the shot, either. Probably EASIER, because I'm not frozen!

Mine is in the old Advantage camo, but I bought the Skyline Horizon cover-up and it works great in the tree late season or on the ground as a snow camo. I love mine, wouldn't think of going out once the mercury drops anymore without it! Money WELL spent.


New Member
Thanks for the review. I was a little concerned about excessive movement to get ready for the shot but it doesn't sound like much of a problem. May have to get serious about this.


Active Member
I thought about buying one at one time, but anymore it just doesn't get cold enough for me. It seems like 5-10 years ago the late seasons were just absolutely freezing. I remember the morning I shot my buck this year it was about 40 degrees and the turkeys were gobbling. /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif I think it would be the ticket for hunting in the cold though. My best investment has been the military mickey mouse boots. I can sit on stand hours longer now that my feet don't get cold.


PMA Member
hmm.. I've always wondered how well those worked. I'm just a little to skeptical with the excessive movement.. There's a lot of times that I barely have time to stand up and grab my bow and get ready for a shot once I see a shooter, let alone, try to unzip myself out of one of those things... It would be interesting to try.. I wish I could borrow one.
Ordered mine the week before the 06 shotgun opener when I read the weather forcast of extreme cold and high winds. They guaranteed that it would arrive before Friday, which it did. I was able to stay in the tree all day despite very low wind chills if anyone remembers that day.

Last year's opening day all day ice storm again became a test and as the year before was able to sit all day because of the body suit.

As a note if you get one when you get into your stand get into it right away (unless you're hot) and get it zipped up. The opening morning of 06 I screwed around til I got very cold before getting in and did work at getting warmed back up for the first hour or so, some hot hands would've been handy then.



Brother in Bone
Its all about baselayers... Get yourself a set of UnderArmour Cold gear. Best $100 I spent two years ago. Don't need a heater suit if you've got breathable long underwear on, the moister wicking is a nice feature too... They also just came out with UA Capture Cold Gear for antimicrobial and scent elimination. Check it out.


New Member
I have the Cold Gear 3.0 & have been looking at the new stuff also. I think my biggest drawback on staying warm is wind resistance on my outer layer & my feet always sweat so they get cold first. I've tried several different boots but when they sweat it doesn't matter what I wear. Only thing that works for warmth is the boot blankets & a hot pack but that is kind of clumsy. I'm seriously thinking about one of these if I ever get caught up on those darn college expenses!


Life Member
Im sure your are already doing this, but for those that aren't ....make sure you are wearing polypropylene socks as a base layer to wick moisture away. You can buy the socks with that built in, but I still wear the extra liner sock and I think it does work better. My feet still sweat in the all in one sock...not as much (probably cuz it wicks better) when I wear a seperate liner sock.

Then put on a good quality sock next. Throw some Muck boots on next and you'll be set. I can honestly say that since I have used that combo I have never left my tree due to cold feet.

I recently have starting wearing wading socks from cabelas....a little pricey, but warm and they go nice and high up the leg. [cabelas toe to knee wading sock


PMA Member
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I'm seriously thinking about one of these if I ever get caught up on those darn college expenses!

Join the Army National Guard. $20,000 sign on bonus. Pays up to $20,000 of college you've had and up to $60,000 of current college. Yea, it sucks being away and deployed, but, it's nice to not have any loans. /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif


Life Member
socks are the key! scheels sock liners, and merino wool socks. i've walked through a creek, with "water resistant" boots, soaking my socks. within a few yards, i would have sworn my feet had never been wet


New Member
My only problem are staying warm are my feet. I remember from my Army days in cold Germany that Mickey Mouse Boots are awesome, but sadly I dont have a pair. I got a pair of the battery powered socks like I had when I was a kid, they didn't produce enough heat. What I did find that works are the hand warmers. Once I get to my spot, I shove about 3 in each boot (under my foot) I also bring along some styrafoam to stand on so its not boot on ice/snow contact. Feet stay toasty warm for about 4 hours.

I can't remember the temp last year in January, what was it like 10F and tons of snow, and I stayed very warm out there all day.


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: GregBickal</div><div class="ubbcode-body">My only problem are staying warm are my feet. I remember from my Army days in cold Germany that Mickey Mouse Boots are awesome, but sadly I dont have a pair. </div></div>

After the MM boots were mentioned here early in this thread, I decided to stop by CC's Military Surplus in Coralville after work last Friday. They have almost two hundred pairs in stock. I think they were $79/pair. Choice of white or black. With the weather being hot that day, I wasn't real motivated to buy a pair.


New Member
You're right Dor, I do wear the polypro socks already. I have looked at the liner socks & am heading to Cabela's in 8 days so may have to get a few pair. Merino wool has helped also but I like to hunt even if it gets into the 20's & have been out in the teens regularly but couldn't stay out Hope to find a comfort level for me & my son so we can hunt when we want. As for the Mickey Mouse boots I have a pair of the white ones & have no troubles in the snow or ice fishing but they are very bulky climbing a tree or in a stand.
AirAssault; first let me thank you for your service to our country! I greatly appreciate people like you & have a b-in-law that just retired from the AF so I understand the sacrifice. But, the college expenses are for my daughter & I don't think she would be interested & I know my wife & kids wouldn't allow me to sign up either ! Good thought though. I think I would like a BodySuit but it will boil down to available cash & if I can't get one I will have to rely on some of these suggestions. Thanks.


Active Member
I'd love a heater body suit but like Maggs says, it boild down to cash. It get cold hunting in November here. I try hand warmers, layers and stubborn nose dripping will.

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