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Help Wanted, 50 or so hours, COMPUTER WORK.... Simple looking up info & putting into excel

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  • Reason: Got back to some folks, THANKS!!!!!


Staff member
Looking for someone who is good on computers who wants to make some extra money. Maybe they have some extra time or time off. This is simple stuff but just takes some brains, computer skills and someone who is reasonably quick on computers. As basic as this.... looking up some information and data online and putting into an excel spreadsheet. Can do from home with any computer. Thought I'd post here as my gut tells me folks here know more solid or ambitious folks here VS the general public. Guessing 50 hours of work, could be done over couple weeks or whatever. $15 to $20/hour..... Just gimme scoop on how fast/capable & abilities & we can work that part out.
PM me or email me: skipsligh AT hotmail dot com
Could start anytime. If anyone here knows a super solid person, please recommend. THANKS!

*I need some extra help as the farm work is eating me alive. So, I need to hire out some of the easy but time consuming work & pay someone to do it. Win/win.
  • Deleted by Sligh1
  • Reason: Got back to some folks, THANKS!!!!!
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