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Helping deer over winter.....


Active Member
I would try it. Right now.... “good quality” vs “great quality” - not huge issue at the moment ..... Personally- IMO- if they eat it- calories & a good pellet form would help no doubt. Ongoing- being fussy & getting ingredients dialed in would be great - but right now survival and calories are king. Try it! & post up the response and price on it.
Sligh 1, I've been feeding the the 12% protein Sweet feed for about 2 weeks now, which is very close to the DEER pellets ingredients, and they have been hammering it. Going through about 110lbs in 3 days. The turkeys are on it as well. Hoping its enough for them to survive and hopefully the weather turns for the better.


Staff member
Well- to me, for wildlife- looks like a miracle out there!!! Turned into a swamp though. This was yesterday. To have exposed fields & food- wow!!!

150 Class

Still completely covered with snow here. East Central IA a few minutes ago. Getting better, but still tough conditions for the critters.

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