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HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks


Life Member
This bill would raise the cost of registering a vessel without motor or sail (canoes or kayaks) from $12 to $20. It also changes the length of the canoe or kayaks that need to display registration numbers from over 13 feet to over 10 feet. The law would also include the water trails fund as a beneficiary of the increase.

Link: <HF 2069>


As the owner of a two person Kayak that had to pay, I thought the law was odd. I could go either way; no fee on kayaks or fees on all. Not sure why an inch matters here.

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New Member
They were going to try that in Illinois but it did not make it as most people would claim they were from another state or just run onto a island or onto the bank so as to not be in the water. Then the state was going to try to make anyone that was even wading in the water get a day permit to use the water. One must have to be a genius to come up with some of these ideas.


Super Moderator
Staff member
I've done a fair amount of kayaking. Never knew this was even a thing. I've seen hundreds of kayaks on rivers.... I've seen exactly zero registered kayaks.


Land of the Whitetail
How about charging bikers and walkers to use all these stupid bike trails they build and never pay a dime for.
Just to rub it in a bit, love me some Iowa bike trails!!!



Well-Known Member
I'm not a fan of them dropping the length from 13' to 10'. I specifically bought a 12 foot aluminum canoe to avoid registration crap. Not sure if anyone makes a sub 10' canoe. I don't use it much and registration for it will be one more thing I've got to pay for and keep track of. Not a fan. This doesn't need to be changed IMO.
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