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Hornets Nest


Active Member
Tried to get this booger Friday morning since it was 35 degrees out, I figured they'd be pretty much unable to move....
But, I chickened out.

Will wait for hard freeze..

First one I ever found.20201001_102130[1].jpg


PMA Member
I would wait too. I accidentally got into a ground nest of hornets a few years right at dark and I couldn't see them at first...but I sure felt them! Ouch!


Active Member
I felt like a puss too ! There's blackberry bushes underneath it, it's in a locust tree, and, well, they are hornets - which I learned will chase you up to 300 feet....

I had to brush hog the blackberry bushes to get underneath the nest, hitting the locust tree, which was rocking the nest pretty good.....

You think they'd build these in an easier spot to get to...lol


Active Member
I plan to get it as soon after the first freeze. This is the first one I've ever found, don't know how prevalent they are, I told a buddy about it and he said they found 2 last year and they got both of them. He said he never looked for them, I guess neither did I, this was in an area I travel all the time, it'd have been hard to miss.


PMA Member
I've found half a dozen in my life and I always find them during hunting season so I never have had this issue. I'd wait for sure! . I have 3 at my folks place and they just rotate the beat up side towards the wall. No one knows any better and there's no risk of having to explain to a hospital nurse how you managed to break a leg while covered in hornet stings with thorns sticking out of you.

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Bowtech bandit

Active Member
Last year one day my sons and I got 5. Shotgun with full choke to branches helps with the higher ones. Wind and rain deteriorate them in a hurry in the fall when leaves are gone.
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