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how did you get it?


PMA Member
How did you get your username? Whats it mean?

Mine came from way back when AOL just came out and I had to come up with a user name. I use to love to go offroading with the pick up. "Mudding". And my last name is Buckroyd. So i came up with muddingbuck, which was one letter to long. So I came up with "Mudingbuck".

Full Draw

One nation under God
Mine is on my license plate. Other more common ones like "bowhunter" were not available. I've had it for close to 20 years.
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Active Member
mine was my AIM screen name way back in grade school. Still use it for some reason on forums and the same password too.. hah.


Active Member
Years back when I setup my e-mail I took the first letter in my name,first letter in wife's, and part of our last name.


Next Year
One day about eight years ago a co worker had a "talk it" program on the computer at work. When the program read "Jesse" it spoke "Jeezie." That soon became Jeez then transpired into Jeezticals.


Hunt in a swamp like timber way back in there in wright county.


Does anyone know how to change their user name? I took some time off from things and when I came back, I ended up going with this user name. I used to have bucknduck but that isn't working anymore. Any suggestions on how to change that back?
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Land of the Whitetail
I went to Southeast Polk and was number 67 in 2006 on the football team when we played in the state championship game. So, sep0667.
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