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How do you organize/file your trail cam pics?


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Staff member
Currently on my phone I do it by year. On computer I do it by year per farm. When deer get big enough to get a name I start making folders for them within the given farm folder. I need to evolve that to start naming files with date data.

What do y'all do?


I don't use a phone. On the computer the main folder is by year. Folders within the year have individual folders for each deer that's big enough to identify. When the clutter gets to be too much for a deer I go through and pick the best facing, broadside, and going away pic. This way I only carry a handful of pics for each deer into the following year. Before I did this Muddy's description best sums it up.

MN Slick

PMA Member
I don't keep them on my phone. Buckview software from Reconyx for my laptop. I believe you can download it for free. You can tag specific bucks for tracking them and no more mouse clicking to look at every photo on a card.


I'm sitting on about 200GB of images (2006-2020), that is after throwing out missed shots and most doe pics. I make a folder for the year, add to it by using the day of the card pull/s as the folder, maybe put a name of the property on it. Messy for sure.


PMA Member
No software for me. Folder by year, subfolder for trail cam location. Initially I save only pics I want from the SD cards then clear the cards after that. Takes a bit of time, but better than downloading everything and deleting it later. Usually purge 80% of previous years pictures later and keep only really interesting ones, potential shooters and shooters. I need to go through and purge my folders again.


Active Member
With Google photos I just view the card pics on a PC and pics I want to save (bucks or shooters or interesting pics) I put them into an album on Google Photos. Then I have access to them all on my phone when going out and about. 200 gig of pics would be a problem bit so far I have quite a few saved and it costs me nothing and it's backed up aka cloud storage.

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